Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zero 8

Photo: André Tremblay, La Presse

Oh my dreams are coming true, only in the wrong province! I've been dreaming of opening up an allergy friendly restaurant, here in Victoria, but I have no business experience, no financing and no restaurant experience, so my dream is a ways away for now.

However, I've heard that there is a new restaurant in Montreal (again wrong province, but it's a start!) called Zero 8. It's called that because it has eliminated 8 of the 9 common allergies out of their restaurant completely. They follow strict checks to ensure none of the allergens ever enter the restaurant, so if you and your family have various allergies, this is the restaurant for you. For once, it is not a complicated task to eat. Also, even though only the wheat is considered an actual allergen, this restaurant includes all gluten as a whole (barley, rye, oats, malt) when eliminating allergens.

Wow, if only I lived near Montreal!? Has anyone actually been there to confirm or deny what a great place this is?

Follow this link to watch a video about the new restaurant: Zero 8 on CTV

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