Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Bakery in Town

There is a new bakery in Victoria and it's a dedicated gluten free bakery! I would love to have a bigger write up about it, but the timing isn't good right now. The bakery is just starting and working on getting it's inventory up and I am in the midst of moving. So it's not the best time to take pictures of the new place (which is why I borrowed this one from their website). I will just have to be patient and post about it in the spring or summer sometime.

However, I still want to let you all know it's out there. It's only been open for two weeks, but it's a great little place. It's called Origin Bakery and can be found at 1525 Pandora.

I recommend checking it out. I'm saving the delicious looking focaccia bread for lunch tomorrow, but I couldn't keep my paws off the chocolate cupcake with vanilla bean icing and my boyfriend gladly finished off the brownie I bought for him. They were both fantastic. The brownie was ooey and gooey like a brownie should be and he quite liked it. He is the gluten free worlds toughest critic, so if he likes it, it must be good!

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