Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good byes and new beginnings

These past few weeks have been pretty crazy. We had a moving company come and pack all of our stuff for us and move us ups island, but there was still a lot of things we had to do prior to that. We had goodbyes to say and people to see, we played host to a friendly guest (who's plans were made prior to us finding out we had to move) and some of our own packing preparations to do. It was chaos.

In fact, it's still chaos. Once we were here our moving company dropped off our stuff one day, and then came back the next to unpack. If I had to do it all over again, I'd skip the unpacking part! Their version of unpacking meant opening up all the boxes and putting the contents of those boxes on the floors and on counters and everywhere else in between. Obviously we put things away, but it would have been less chaotic to do one room at a time and / or one box at a time. For days we've been walking around a labyrinth of stuff all over our floors, but it's slowly coming together as item by item everything gets put in it's new home.

I'm excited about my new kitchen as the oven seems (so far) to bake well. It didn't not burn my cinnamon raisin bread (Bob's Redmills) this morning and it didn't make mushy Yorkshire Pudding (Celimix) last night. There is a lot of light for pictures and a lot more counter space to actually work.
I'm also excited about the new location. Town isn't too far away and I'm so close to nature. Last night I fell asleep to frogs singing and this morning I watched 3 deer walk by my front doorstep. There is a marina only a few minutes away where I've already seen some cormorants, a seal and a sea otter! Too bad the weather was miserable at the time, otherwise I would have had my camera with me to capture it all.

This place is new and shiny and exciting, but I will definitely miss my family and friends back in Victoria. My work family did the most amazing thing for me before I left. They threw me a gluten free potluck lunch. They placed an order at the new dedicated gluten free bakery (Origin Bakery) and made homemade dips, fruit and veggies to go with. Then they got my supervisor to trick me into thinking I had to go on some last minute inspection and when I went looking for him to leave I checked the lunch room / board room, which was dark. As it was dark I thought I was interrupting a teleconference meeting, but when I was pushed in the room by my cubicle neighbour I was pleasantly surprised as the lights went on and most of my co-workers where there waiting to say goodbye and waiting to dig in the gluten free buffet! They said everything was safe for me to eat, so they didn't have to fill out any of my ingredient cards that I normally make them fill out. It was fantastic. I was so blown away by how much they care and by the quality of food. Of course, I have to share! (I apologize for the quality of the pictures, you can only do so much with our cameras at work!)

The spread! Bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, chips and dips (tuna, salmon, egg, artichoke), more bread with bruschetta topping, fruit, vegetables, cupcakes and cookies!

Pepita loaf on top, focaccia bread on the left, followed by plain baguette and oat baguette. I used to be a fan of Panne Rizzo's Focaccia because of the savory toppings, but I'm a convert to the Origin Bakery verison now as it does not crumble and fall apart like the Panne Rizzo's. Everyone was surprised at how gluten free bread could taste sooooo good! I swear I was eating real bread!

The yummiest cupcakes around. The chocolate cupcakes were dense and yummy where the lemon cupcakes were light and fluffy lemon flavored angel food cake. Both had a yummy but not to sweet butter cream icing. Delicious!

I bet you didn't think that fruit could look so good!?

A variety of cookies that are all soft and chewy without falling apart in your mouth!

This was the best surprise a Celiac could ever get!!

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