Monday, May 10, 2010

Diaper Cakes

No, I haven't gone crazy. I know that you can't eat a diaper cake, but this blog isn't solely about gluten free baking, it's also about living life too. Part of life is having friends, family and co-workers bringing about new life and that has been happening a lot lately.

I'm still waiting for my biological clock to tick in that regard, but I do love how cute all things 'baby' are. I also have a bit of a crafty side to me. Growing up I had the hardest time deciding if I wanted to go to art college or to get a science degree. I went with science as I figured it would pay better, but to this day I still wonder if I made the right choice. But I am happy with what I do and what better way to get those crafty/artsy desires out then to create something beautiful and meaningful for an upcoming birth. A diaper cake fits the bill perfectly.

I first learned how to make a diaper cake by watching this video by Becca:

It explains everything in easy steps. Her cakes use 96 diapers, but I've gotten mine down to about 66 (1 jumbo sized pack of newborn pampers) in order to save a bit of money by using pie pans instead of pizza pans and omitting the inside layer. These cakes aren't cheap, so if you have a friend who's floundering on a gift idea, get them to pitch in financially. They start around $50 and can go way up from there depending on what you decorate the cake with and what you hide inside it (usually baby shampoo's/moisturizers that will fit in the center of the cake easily).

These cakes are really fun to make and you can personalize them to endless degrees. If you have someone in your life that is expecting, and you need baby shower ideas, I highly recommend a diaper cake.

Update: Since this post I received a comment in regards to the diaper cakes not being environmentally friendly. Had the comment been written in a constructive manor I would have gladly shared it with everyone, however, it wasn't very nice.  There was truth to it though, diapers are not the most environmentally friendly. I should know, I have a degree in Environmental Science. But Environmental Science does not an Environmental extremist make. Most of my cakes have been for co-workers in different offices, so I don't know them personally enough to ask them if they prefer disposable diapers or re-useable diapers, but that is something that I would recommend doing if the diaper cake isn't a surprise. 

Another option is to make a towel cake. That is what I did with my latest creation. I used a fuzzy baby blanket on the bottom layer, receiving blankets in the middle layer and wash clothes in the top layer. This cake was to yet another co-worker that I couldn't ask about their diaper preference, however we were going to give the cake several weeks after the baby was born, meaning the diapers might not fit. So I opted for the more environmentally friendly option and the version that didn't require me knowing the current height and weight of the baby and went for a 'towel' cake. 

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