Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coconut Lime Pie

Oh this summer has flown by; partly because the summer didn’t really pack a punch in the weather department until recently and partly because it’s been full of weekends away from home.  There were many weddings, birthdays, baby showers, etc. to go to this summer. I don’t regret any of it, but I definitely feel like I haven’t had my usual camp on yet this season. I’m hoping to fix that this weekend though.

One of the many events that took some time away from camping was a surprise 60th/retirement party I planned for my Mom that I held a few weekends ago. I actually started planning it almost a year ago and was going to do it on my Mom’s birthday but she was diagnosed with colon cancer and was undergoing surgery 2 months prior. Not knowing if she would need chemotherapy or radiation treatments (both of which I know are incredibly draining) I didn’t want to plan her party in the middle of her potential treatment … so I put it off until the summer. Then I knew she would be fully able to enjoy the surprise and be very surprised because it wasn’t near her retirement or birthday!  Luckily surgery was all my Mom required for treatment and she didn’t have to go through the torment of chemo or radiation. Surgery is difficult in itself, never mind additional treatment. I feel for anyone who is going though this or has a friend or family member going through cancer. It’s not easy. Luckily my Mom’s was caught quickly and she was able to just go through the minimum of treatment. I am very happy that she is recovered and so far still in the clear. She is the strongest woman I know.

For that reason and the fact that she always made sure that we had the best birthdays, including my Dad’s special 50th birthday party, I wanted  to make sure that she got at least one party in her honour. Do to the time of year it was held, not as many people as I had hoped could make it, but there was still a decent turn out and no one spoiled the surprise … although I must say, I almost spilled the beans the day before and so did my boyfriend. Worst liers ever! I’m very grateful to all those who were able to attend and make her day special.

At my Mom’s party, which was hosted at a provincial group campsite because they come with ready-made shelter and tables and chairs, I decorated it in blues and greens. I won’t lie, there was a sale on at shoppers :) So to match the table clothes and cutlery I brought vases from home and filled them with lemons and limes. There were four vases filled mostly with limes, so at the end of the party I had to figure out what to do with them. I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I ended up making my very first lime pie … and of course gave it a gluten free Tiffany twist.

My recipe is based of off several, as usual.  Elana’s Pantry is the source of the crust base and the Joy of Baking the filling and finally Living Without’s Whipped Coconut topping for, well, the topping. I thought that the coconut might balance out the tartness of the limes and it was a big hit at the office. For some reason I can never get the coconut to actually whip up like the pictures (so what you see in the photo is cool whip on my second pie) and always ends up just as coconut sauce. Tasty but not exactly picture perfect. Anyone have any tips for that?

Coconut Lime Pie

1 cup Almond Flour
½ cup Chestnut Flour
½ cup Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
¼ teaspoon Baking Soda
4 cup Grapeseed Oil
2 tablespoons Agave
pinch of salt

3 Egg Yolks (room temp)
1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
½ cup Lime Juice (3-4 regular limes)
Rind of one Lime


Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F. Start by mixing your almond, chestnut, coconut, salt and baking soda in a large bowl. In a small bowl, whisk together the agave and oil. Stir into the dry mixture and place in a pie or tart pan. Use a spatula to form crust. Bake for 30 minutes. Take out of the oven and allow to cool completely.

While the crust is cooling, juice your limes into a measuring cup. In a large mixer beat the egg yolks until pale and fluffy. Next add lime juice and rind and mix well. Then add the can of condensed milk and mix on high until mixture is light and fluffy. Pour filling into piecrust and bake for another 15 minutes until the filling is set (doesn’t jiggle anymore).  Remove from oven and cool again. Then top with desired topping. Yum.

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