Sunday, August 7, 2011

Raw Banana Cream Tart

Summer time is a time full of fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance. It’s also a time cooking in your already sweltering kitchen isn’t a fun idea. It’s during these hot muggy days that I find my interest in the raw food movement picks up. It quickly dissipates again when the cold weather returns, but I think the raw food movement is a good one. I may never completely switch, but it certainly is a good and healthy thing to incorporate into your diet. It’s also, naturally, almost entirely gluten free. So if you are leading a gluten free life, researching raw food will expand your dietary options. There are lots of ‘breads’ and ‘wraps’ that you can make strictly out of vegetables and seeds and nuts that are softer and more flexible and more flavourful than our traditional gluten free options. They also seem to last longer than most other options. I need to work on obtaining a square dehydrator to pull that off first, but in the meantime there are many desserts that are naturally gluten free too!

Raw desserts are much healthier treats than the traditional kind because any sugar in the dessert is natural and unrefined. The rest is just fruit and nuts. Nuts have a bad rap for being high in fats, but if you are eating healthy fats you will notice that you loose weight not gain weight. It’s when you eat healthy fats and unhealthy fats that you aren’t going to receive any benefits.  So for a tasty banana treat full of nutrients, try these banana tarts.

Raw Banana Cream Tart

1 cup Brazil Nuts
1 cup Hazelnuts
½ cup Carob Powder
5 Dates
½ cup Honey

1 Cup Cashews
2 1/2 Banana’s
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 tablespoon Psyllium Husk powder

1/2 Banana
Carob Powder

In a food processor place brazil nuts and hazelnuts and pulse until still slightly chunky. Add carob powder, dates and honey and pulse until well combined. If the crust isn’t sticking slowly add water and pulse until mixture forms a ball. Press crust mixture into tart shells approximately ¼ thick. Set aside.

In a blender add cashews, bananas, vanilla and psyllium husk powder and blend until smooth. Spoon filling into tart shells.

To decorate the tart shells, slice remaining banana and place on tarts, then sprinkle with carob powder. Refrigerate for one hour or overnight and serve.

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