Saturday, May 26, 2012

Grain Free Chocolate Banana Waffles

Recently I participated in a 21-day sugar detox. Technically I only made it 17.5 days because I had to travel during the last days, but it was pretty good. I wanted to do it because I was eating too many sweats and I wanted to loose some weight. I did lose 3.5lbs. The diet, sneakily, is designed to send you towards paleo eating. I like paleo in that it is grain free and fairly healthy, but I don’t like how much meat is consumed. My favourite dinner styles are paleo or raw and raw is the complete opposite, being all nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies. Any who, the diet was pretty awful during the first 4 days while my body was detoxing (or so they tell me). I was nauseous, light headed, dizzy and hungry. They say you can eat as much as you like, but my body is a carboholic (even if it’s gluten free carbs) and doesn’t like to feel full unless I have carbs. This diet took them away in most counts, including potatoes and even all-natural fruits. I LOVE fruit. When they said sugar free, they meant all sugars, not just white refined sugar. After those 4 days though, I felt fantastic. I didn’t have any of those sugar lows through out the day and had lots of energy. The only time I didn’t feel well again was after a huge hike, where I probably should have used the athlete modifications. Now that I’m done the diet, I’m still eating in a similar style. I’ve brought back fruits but the desserts aren’t calling my name as much. I had a strawberry shake the other day and it tasted too sweet and I hadn’t added any sugar too it! That being said, I need to make sweets to gain my readers attention. I get WAY more hits when I post a recipe for a sweet then something savory. We do love our sweets. So today I bring you grain free Chocolate (or Carob) Banana Waffles.

Grain Free Chocolate Banana Waffles
- based on this recipe


1 cup almond flour
1 cup flax seed meal
¼ cup agave syrup
4 eggs
½ cup butter
1-2 overly ripe bananas, mashed
4 tablespoons water or coconut water
¼ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
¼ cup cocoa powder/carob powder
¼ cup chopped walnuts (optional)


Preheat waffle iron to 265 degrees F.  In a large bowl, melt butter. Then add eggs, banana, and water and mix well. Add remaining ingredients and whisk until smooth. Cook on waffle iron for 8 minutes or until golden brown. Top with butter, maple syrup and chocolate/carob chips.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Update

This past month has been a very busy one for me and incredibly stressful at times to.  My job security was in question and those of my co-workers. Some of them were affected and some of them were not. Luckily for me mine was not affected, however, it doesn’t make it any easier to see my co-workers struggle.  I feel for them and I feel for myself. I have a job and I’m extremely lucky to have one. I am not as lucky as I used to be though, as my career advancement opportunities and job security have deteriorated. I like to keep my work and my blog separate, so for that reason I won’t go into any more detail, but it has been a very stressful month.

Then on top of that I was quite busy with a lot of travel on the weekends. I went to Victoria several times for various things, including a 6-hour photography workshop (fun but sadly not food photography related), allergy specialist appointment confirming that I am allergic to the world, an professional 2 day annual general meeting and my birthday. I also had a trip to Vancouver for Easter and a pampered chef party in there too.

The pampered chef party was fun and if you want to go to one in the Burnaby area, I can hook you up with a friend who is a consultant. She demonstrated some products and even made a gluten free version for me. It was fun to try the products and having been to a pampered chef party when I was young with my Mom I was already sold on the quality of products. I still have many of the products that my Mom got me and that she bought but never used. I use them all the time! This time I bought a micro planer for zesting fruit and shredding some Parmesan cheese and it is so ridiculously easy to use.

As for my birthday, I am officially 33 years old. Normally I like making a big deal of my birthday and usually turn it into a weeklong celebration, but this time I found it harder to come up with a way to celebrate. I wanted to spend time with friends but in the past I have always had a big group dinner at a restaurant followed by dancing at a club. I’m officially too old for clubs now … they just aren’t as fun as they used to be. As for big dinners, when it comes to a restaurant you only end up talking to the people across from you or next to you, which isn’t fair to everyone. Then the food almost always makes me ill, no matter how hard the restaurant tries.

So I planned a hike. Only my boyfriend, brother, cousin and her dog managed to make it out, but that was great company to have. We hiked up a moderate mountain and laughed constantly at our doggy friend who probably hiked 3 times as much as we did as he ran back and forth between us and then in circles as we stopped at the top for lunch. In the evening, we were invited over to some other friends for a bbq where they made me a gluten free birthday cake. It was another great time and super nice of the host, as we hadn’t seen her in two years!

For the next while my blog may go on even more of a hiatus then usual. I know I’m not that great at posting regularly but I am on Day 2 of a 21-day sugar detox. I don’t have a great history of getting through detoxes or diets, so we’ll see how long this one actually lasts for, but that doesn’t leave me with a lot of exciting recipes to post about. Then in the month of June I will be taking a yoga teachers training course, which is 6 days a week for 4 weeks. So I will have zero time to focus on my blog. I do not plan on leaving permanently and hope to find some time to make a yummy recipe post, but I can’t make any promises. Hope to see you soon!