Saturday, September 15, 2012

No-Bake Blueberry Custard Tart

My partner in crime, also known as my boyfriend, is going for more post secondary training on the mainland this year. That means a lot of BC ferries rides for me these days to visit. On the last ferry ride I spied beautiful looking blueberry tarts. They looked divine. However, the ferry system here is notorious for not having a lot of allergy friendly food, so I didn’t even bother going to check the tarts out. Instead, I decided to make a version at home.

Since it’s still summer like here, even though the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn, it meant I didn’t feel like baking and turning on a hot oven. So I came up with this quick and easy no bake blueberry tart recipe.

No Bake Blueberry Custard Tarts


1 cup Almonds, raw
1 cup Cashews, raw
1 cup unsweetened Coconut Flakes
8-12 pitted Dates
¼ cup Water (if needed)


White Wings Gluten Free Custard Powder package or make your own *


Fresh Blueberries

To start, place almonds, cashews, and coconut into a food processor. Pulse until nuts are a fine mixture (but not quite flour like). Then add your pitted dates and pulse. If the mixture doesn’t start clumping on it’s own, add the water. Mixture should begin to form a ball or clump together easily with your fingers. Press the crust into mini tart pans, pushing the mixture up the sides. Set aside.

Next follow the instructions on gluten free custard powder package to make custard. Let cool slightly and then pour into the tart crusts. Place the custard filled tarts in the freezer to firm up the custard. Once firm (30-60 minutes) you can take them out and top them with fresh blue berries (or any other berry you desire). Sprinkle the tops with sugar and serve. Simple and delicious.

* I got my custard powder in Australia, probably not the easiest place to get custard from. It appears from celiac discussion boards that Birds Custard Powder is also gluten free. Maybe someone out there can say for sure?

Note: If you are following a gluten free diet ensure that your nuts do not have a ‘may contain wheat’ statement on them. I’ve suffered some bad reactions from these. One reliable source of gluten free nuts is

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