Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tidy Drawers

Lately, I’ve been on an organizing kick. Well, actually, it’s been more like the past year. You can’t really tell by looking around our house on any given day, but I have been slowly trying to organize or update or cut back on things.

I think the biggest kick started after I went for yoga teacher training. When I went to the training I had no intentions of actually teaching yoga. I just wanted to improve my personal practice and some how decided those 6 days a week of 8 hours a day of yoga for four weeks straight was the best way to do that. Sometimes I am a bit of a sucker for self-punishment, although I don’t think of it like that until I’m in the middle of it. You may see this reflected in what I call a “vacation” when I go on 5 day hiking or kayaking trips where I end up working harder then I do at my day job. Ha.

Any ways, after yoga teacher training I actually wanted to teach yoga. I love teaching yoga. I love the idea that I can help people discover how awesome it makes a person feel and I get to feel good too. In order to teach though I needed some room. As my day job’s schedule doesn’t allow me to be reliable enough to go to a studio I brought a studio to me. We emptied our spare room out and I converted it into a very small studio.  Then I decided that it was too small so I switched the studio to the master bedroom and we moved into the spare. It’s a bit squishy in our bedroom, but now I have a studio to teach.

In order to do all this we (mostly my bf) had to sell a bunch of stuff and take a bunch of stuff to our local thrift stores. It felt great to get rid of all these extra things that we didn’t need. This cleansing feeling has continued as I slowly find things that we don’t need anymore or I replace with better quality items. Or in one case (this was a few years back) I switched 3 kitchen appliances for one that did all 3. It got the Hulk Hogan Grill that grills, does pancakes, Panini’s and waffles.  So I saved a little bit of space.

Recently in my quest to be tidier, organized and have fewer things, I discovered a wonderful idea on how to put your laundry away. Now I have folded my laundry and stacked it in neat little piles in my dresser drawers all my life. Then I go to look for something to wear and dig through the neat piles making a big mess. I can never find shirts at the bottom of the pile, because it’s too dark to see and I forget I even own certain shirts because who can find anything when your dresser drawer looks like this:

Well, thanks to my regular blog wanderings, I discovered a new way to put my clothes away.  Of course, I didn’t do it right away because it meant re-organizing all my clothing and I had much more fun things to do. So when I finally got around to doing, I had to go by memory. I cannot find the original blog that inspired me. I have a sneaking suspicion it was Shelterness or Sqwakbox, but I’m at a loss. Whoever wrote the original post; I owe you a debt of gratitude. It’s a simple idea really, but who would have thought stacking your clothes horizontally instead of vertically would make all the difference in the world? It is amazing. Each morning I open my dresser drawers and simply gaze … my eyes dart from the long sleeve section, to the yoga section, to the t-shirt section, pick a colour and voila I have something to wear for the day. So much easier than the old dig and find way. It’s also a whole lot easier to look at:

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