Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yoga Jeans

I know I know …  why am I posting about yoga jeans? What do they have to do with you? Well let me tell you! These jeans are amazing and the creative genius behind them is missing a whole other market, the celiac market. They should be called, ‘grow with you‘ jeans or ‘celiac friendly’ jeans or the ‘you don’t have to undo the top bottom while seated’ jeans.  Seriously, these things are amazing.

To be fare I am a bit of a yogi and totally fell in love with the idea of jeans that looked good, but also felt like yoga pants … because, let’s face it, yoga pants are the bomb when it comes to comfort. So, the person who pretty much only buys clothing while it’s on sale took the plunge and bought a pair at regular price (in black/straight leg). These jeans are not cheap starting at around $119 plus taxes. I’m pretty sure the sales person had to rip the debit card out of my hand when I went to pay for them. I have not regretted spending that much money on a pair of jeans for a single second.  In fact I have just bought a second pair (in indigo/boot cut).

Why are they so amazing? Well, if you watch the video above, you will note that they are stretchy. But not the, I’m so stretched out I’m going to fall off you way. The, I’m stretchy when you want me to be way. As in, these things will grow with you, but shrink with you too.

As a celiac that sits at an office desk most of the day, I find it hard to find pants that will look good and feel comfortable. Most of my nicer pants get painfully tight if I accidently gluten myself at work (which happens a lot). So then I opt for the pants that will fit with an inflated belly, but are constantly falling down because either the belly is forcing them to sit lower on my hips, or my belly is fine and they’re too loose. I have other pants too that start out fine and by the end of the day are too loose and only go back to fitting well after a round in the washer and dryer. Why must it be so difficult!

But not anymore, these jeans will stretch with your belly and stay on and stay flattering. They even help reign in the belly a bit, without having the need to unbutton and unzip while your seated. How many times have you sat down at your desk with your pants about to explode (because you aren’t allowed to wear traditional yoga pants to work) and undo a button and maybe even the zipper, because if you don’t the button will pop off and fly across the room? Or how many times have you checked to see if your stomach is bleeding because the waistband on your pants is trying to permanently imbed itself into your belly button? Well my friends, these yoga jeans are the answer to your prayers.  They expand and contract with your belly, ensuring no missing buttons or belly scars, or embarrassing moments where you find your pants around your ankles. The fact that they are also made in Canada is a nice plus.

Don’t worry, my little ‘ol blog isn’t big enough for anyone to offer me products to endorse; this shout out is entirely because I love them so.

Update: In case you actually want to seek out a pair, here is the store locator/website

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